The Mama Master Plan Framework & No BS Program that Actually Gives You Your Life Back

My 8-Week Master Plan Approach That Gets You:

Moving Beyond Fear, Chaos, & Burnout


Back Into Alignment With Yourself To Discover YOUR Personal Vision & Values


So You Can Reclaim Your Power, Experience Love, Joy, and Freedom, and Finally Realize the Greatness You KNOW Lives Within!



Hey There Friend!!  

I'm Tiff, Wild Mama of 3, and I know what it's like to be a mama navigating complex life changes, while managing a million responsibilities, trying not to lose your mind, AND trying to be intentional about living a life that actually means something and is in alignment with who YOU are. I know what its like to KNOW deep down that you have much more to offer the world than just being a mama but feeling extremely confused and frustrated knowing this truth but not being able to realize it in your life. And I know what it's like to constantly feel like you're spinning your wheels, unsure of who you are and what you want, while finding yourself repeating old tired patterns, and just not breaking through. I've been where you are and it totally sucks! I get it.  

But as challenging as it may be in this moment, I'm here to share with you how I was able to tap into this deep knowing in my own life, align to it, and make some transformative changes that have helped me move beyond the fear and chaos of my day to day and put me on the path to realizing my potential in this life.  

I created this page in order to help you learn more about The Mama Master Plan Program and myself so you can feel inspired knowing IT IS possible to make radical changes in your life AS A MAMA that don't require you to be fearless and uber confident. Whether you’re a new mama or been around the block, a single mama or all boo’d up (OR ANYTHING in between) - this program is here to help you finally start building the life you know you’re meant to live. Real talk! This is YOUR time and no investment is greater than the one in yourself!  

So, I encourage you to slow down, take a deep breath, and take your time to read and explore what's on this page. Watch my video below to hear more about why I created this program, dig into the content below, and reflect on what it is that YOU want. Why are you here and what change are you looking to make?  

Then I want to invite you to apply for the program and schedule a call with me. I choose mamas to join the program who are ready to take ownership of their lives and figure their shit out no matter how hard it may be. Mamas who know they need support, accountability, structure, and a safe space to dig in to find, step into, and own their purpose and power in this life. I am here to help you truly break the patterns & cycles that keep you stuck to allow for radical possibility to emerge in your life. So if that's you & that's what you want, then I look forward to meeting and learning more about you! 

- Tiff 


In Just 8 months, 19 mamas have graduated from the program & 12 more are in Cohort 3! Here's what mamas just like you are saying!

CHRISTINA BRONSING - Wild Mama of 2, Cohort 2

It would be no exaggeration to say I see my life in terms of BWM and AWM (before and after Wild Mama!) This program opened me back up to myself in a way that I can never explain. It's the magic that comes from Tiff's real no-BS presence and accompaniment, the program focus areas over these weeks, and what you're willing to bring to it. If you feel in any way that this is the time for you to dig deeper, get into radical alignment with what you give a damn about in a no-looking back way, then this is no doubt the program to support you in getting there. Seatbelts! Life won't be the same. 

I'm leaving the program with confidence in my own damn self! Reintegration of the many parts of myself to claim my story and tell it in a way that doesn't abandon any of me along the way. Radical spiritual growth that is revealing my soul's purpose to me in this life. This touches EVERYTHING: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional.

I am shedding, burning away, refining, releasing patterns—stopping them in their tracks when I see them at work, giving myself some space and compassion and humor when I buy in to past stories or ego stuff. Just trying to turn the ship around when I get swept off.  

I honestly don’t know why I applied when I did other than the fact that something was stirring in me to just say “YEP. I’m going to do this.” I had a 1 month old newborn and was like THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME to do an 8 week deep dive on what I want from my life. (No, obviously my mind tried to tell me this was NOT the time to do that). But life’s like that sometimes! Something bigger was at work. I’m so glad I listened to it.  

To all my mamas out there! I cannot actually put into words what this past Wild Mama cohort revealed to me, awakened in me, gave me the insight and compassion & humor to face. It brought me home to myself again-- in all my peace & all my power. If you’re feeling stuck or just “in the routine” of it all without the spark, without inviting your inner knowing to steer you, then Y’ALL do NOT sleep on this.  

Tiffany is a highly skilled, no-fluff, legit *inspired* facilitator. She is born to accompany people through these complicated questions, patterns, ego, dreams, constraints...all of it. The program she’s built is connecting all the dots for me---be ready to do some real work, be ready for life to get aligned in a transformative way...End this year ready to invite the wildest, truest you to manifest into 2020!!! She’s a waitin’ for you!” 

YAMANI HERNANDEZ - Wild Mama of 2, Cohort 2

If you’re a mama who has felt consumed by your career or parenting to a degree that you have somewhat “lost your self”, the Mama Master Plan is for you. It’s brilliant and brings together so many different existing transformative philosophies, texts, exercises to help values align and strategically plan your life. Sign up, it will be deeply transformative, it’s worth every penny and you will not regret it.  

 Week 3 was the kicker for me. It wasn’t a “feel good” week. It was a week when reckoning began. Me being able to really look in the mirror at things I haven’t been able to see or admit. Things I want to change that aren’t aligned with the life I imagine for myself. From there I could see a path forward, what I need to be who I say I am and do what I believe is my purpose to do.  

I have had the opportunity and privilege to have done probably 10 leadership development programs from 19-40 yrs/old (that have cost anywhere from $3-5K each minimum). I have been in weekly therapy for a decade ($60-120 p/week, I have had executive coaching off and on for the last 8 years at anywhere from $100-$200 per session. I grew up in a faith that hinged on the belief that you have the power to transform generations of karma seen and unseen with religious faith, practice and study. I went to 30 days of trauma rehab last year ($18K out of pocket with insurance) because I was so overwhelmed by the amount of harm I have experienced that I could not see a way forward. I have pursued countless healing modalities. All of these things have been huge investments I’ve had the privilege to make personally or that have had the privilege to have been awarded through various work/educational opportunities. They immeasurably contributed to my identity, healing, growth and leadership but I’m going to tell you why the MMP program was uniquely valuable for me. It comes down to this: tools.  

You cannot sit with a tool box of spoons and try to build a table. If you’re trying to build a table, you need a hammer, nails, sandpaper and some other stuff. Mostly my healing work has centered around being intensely nurtured and supported and built back up and trying to maintain conditions of self and community support and wellness practice. Feeling good and developing self compassion for myself and others. I have desperately needed that ...What has been missing from that arsenal of work though has been extensive concrete tools and the written products of my work...I’m a double Capricorn. A plan is everything to me. I wouldn’t have made one without this program and I would have been too scared to even say let alone believe that what I want for my life is possible.  

 What’s the program? A beginning assessment survey. An immensely valuable deeply researched and well taught recorded video each week that is akin to a Dharma talk or TEDx talk, walking through instructions of weekly assignments. A 2hr weekly live group video coaching call debriefing and processing the work of the week. A slack community of mamas. A couple individual coaching calls and about 3-5 hours per week of worksheets that roll up into a master plan for your life. For me it was worth every penny. And for people who have disposable income and/or work supports that pays for professional/life coaching, therapy, tattoos any other kind of self help stuff, spending 8 weeks doing this is so worth it. I would love to work toward a day where programs like this don’t feel like a luxury expense for those who can afford it. Until that day, I’m so proud that Tiff has designed and teaches this program and believe that those who can, should support BIPOC thought leaders, teachers, healers in being able to do their work full-time.

This Program Is For You If...

You're A Mama!

The Mama Master Plan program is exclusively for MAMAS! But not just any mama. It's for you if you're ready to do some deep work to gain clarity on where you are, where you've been, and where you're going. It's for you if you're wanting to create a Lifestyle Master Plan that will help keep you focused so you can actually accomplish your goals! You can watch my video 👈🏽 to hear from me and learn more. 😍

You know you're in the right place if any of the following statements sound like you:

"I'm navigating a lot of complex life CHANGES in my life right now and seeking CLARITY around my next steps and stage in life. I KNOW that change is needed but having BALANCE and a VISION for what's next and making sense of the clutter has been a challenge for me. I feel really scared right now and like I have no solid grounding."  

"I have a vision, I WANT IT ALL, and I dream of making life happen on MY TERMS but HOW do I make it a REALITY? What do I PRIORITIZE? How do I go from where I am to where I want to be?"

"Ever since becoming a mother, I've just felt totally lost. Like I've LOST MYSELF and can't seem to figure out who I am or what I should be doing with my life. I feel ISOLATED, ALONE, TIRED, and DEPRESSED and worry that I'll never be able to figure it out. I'm tired of being tired but what am I supposed to do?"

"I have a strong desire to make a BIG CHANGE, like move my family to another state or country, quit my job, change careers, or start my own business, but FEAR is crippling me and I can't seem to move past it. Why can't I just be CONFIDENT & BRAVE and take the leap?"  

"To be honest, I feel like no matter what I do, I continue to be knocked down. My marriage ain't right, my health ain't right, my kids ain't right, my job ain't right. EVERYTHING FEELS LIKE IT'S FALLING APART and I feel like a total failure. What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible for me to make these changes in my life and am I ever going to figure this out?

"I am ready to level up in all the ways in my life, but HOW? Like seriously, what's it going to take? I'm a chronic over achiever (overworker), I put everyone's needs before myself, I'm burnt out, and this isn't the first time I've tried to make changes in my life. I know I need to change but how do I STOP SPINNING MY WHEELS, break these patterns, create boundaries, and finally make the changes and create the habits that will ACTUALLY help me make real progress?"

"I want to live my best life AND be a mama, partner, wife, friend, boss lady, etc....But how is all this possible? I want my life to MEAN something, create a LEGACY, be more than just a mama, but what does that look like? How do I pursue my dreams without the GUILT of feeling like I'm being selfish or neglecting my family & kids and how do I do it in a way that feels aligned to me?"

Does Any of That 👆🏾Sound Like You🙋🏽? 

If so, great! That means you're in the right place and I welcome you to stick around for a little bit.

So let me ask you a few questions:

What's the story deep down within you that's dying to be set free and expressed

What's the dream that's been buried but still rears it's head every once in awhile and causes you the deepest agony because you know you're not living in your truth? 

What are the burning questions that continue to come up but go ignored & unanswered?

What's the greatness that you know lives within you that's wreaking havoc on your consciousness? 

What's the lifestyle you so desperately desire to create for yourself and your kids? The one you just KNOW is right for you?!

So? Do you have an answer to any of these questions?

I know we're just getting to know eachother but I'm asking you all of this because while it is true that you're going through a lot, from my experience, if you don't learn how to move beyond your fears and the immediate chaos and change around you and begin to focus on your vision and what YOU WANT, you will NEVER be able to find your power and make the radical shifts you're seeking. This is core to what I believe and teach in this program and it's how I changed my life and continue to stay aligned to my purpose. 

Here are three core shifts in perspective that I teach you to make & practice so you can operate from a place of power and strength:

I want to get real wit' ya for a minute

You and I both know that you already know that you have something deep within you that wishes to be expressed in a big way. If that weren't true, you wouldn't be here right now. 

You already know you have unrealized dreams, creative ideas, and a raoring wild woman clawing to get out and it's making you miserable. 

And you already know that liberating her and finally breaking through the fear, chaos, old patterns, and cycles is where the love, joy, and abundance you wish for yourself truly resides.  

Well, I'm here at this moment in your life to tell you that it's time. It's time to break the patterns. It's time to change the cycles. It's time to find, step into, and own your purpose and power because for whatever reason, despite what you know, you're stuck and suffering.  

I know it's hard to breakthrough and I know you have a lot that's not in your control. But there's also a lot that is and it's time to own up to that.  

If you’re ready to breakthrough and finally come into your freedom, power, & potential, I designed this No BS, 8-Week program just for you. It's time to come back to yourself, discover your vision & values, and create the Lifestyle Master Plan that empowers you to free the Wild Mama within, unleash your potential, and become self-actualized! 

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” 

- Maya Angelou

Imagine What Would Be Possible If You Found Your Grounding & Were Able To Dream Big?

ZENAIDA SAEZ - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 1

The Mama Master Plan Program made me realize I was spreading my energies out to everyone and everything and questioning WHY wasn't anything aligning to my goals...The program made me realize that if you don't follow your vision, core values, and intentionally align with your own works, good luck making shit happen...But the more I started paying attention to my goals, the more shit started making sense. MIND BLOWN!!! It shows that if you are willing and ready to embrace the process, you can change the course of your life in 7 weeks! I will forever be grateful to Tiff as she was huge at a pivotal point in my life. I am now ready to conquer my WILD DESTINY!!! 

MELANIE KING-DOLLIE - Wild Mama of 2, Cohort 2

My biggest learning was identifying my values (which really clarified things for me) as well as my NEEDS. It was so powerful to recognize that, in order to manifest and live by my values in my life, I also have to acknowledge what I need in order to do it. Otherwise I just constantly would feel guilty for not living in a way I had imagined or manifesting the things I want to manifest, without realizing that in order to get there I would need to recognize what I need!  

After completing the program, I'm a new person with new habits, a strengthened and defined outlook, and have completely transformed in my understanding about the power in me, the power of knowing my values, needs, and the power of having structure and routine based on those values and needs!!! 

My relationship with my husband has improved greatly because I know my values and needs now, can articulate them to him, and also not get defensive when he says things to me that I need.  

My vision for my future and life with my career and children has been completely clarified and written down. And now that I know what I want, I feel more able to be patient and take the time and steps that I'm going to need to take to get there, rather than being upset that I'm not there yet. So I feel at peace and solid inside because I know where we are headed.  

I definitely have much more certitude about making decisions that will bring big changes to my life and taking on those challenges rather than cowering to them!!!

 MATHILDA DE DIOS - Wild Mama of 3, Cohort 1 

This is sacred work, and facilitates a focusing that is revolutionary. Lessons around playing for consistency (as a constant thread); centering myself and putting myself first have changed the way I allocate my material and energetic resources. To a certain degree, I've turned the volume down on other peoples broadcast and tuned in to my own voice. This program helped me to build my narrative arc in the present and for the long term future. 

Michelle Lugalia-Hollon - Wild Mama of 2 , Cohort 1

My biggest takeaway is that Intention is a game changer and is the difference between good and great. I really got a lot from putting several of the exercises together into a canvas. Seeing all that work together and what it added up to, really sparked something in me and made me want to apply these frameworks to other parts of my life. After the program, I feel I'm focused. I'm clear on what I want and what I need to do to live the life that I think will bring my self-actualization and joy. The program was very well organized. Very thoughtful. Everything was well paced and added to each other, culminating into a meaningful and useful product that I can keep refining. I enjoyed visiting with the mamas on the call and I thought the materials, content and tools gave us all we needed to accomplish the point of the sessions.  

So, What Will You Learn In The Mama Master Plan Program?

You best believe we go deep! We ain't got time for that shallow BS! In just 8-weeks, we get to the HEART of the matter!



 “Why are we here?”  

 “What can you expect?”  

 “How will you show up?”

This week sets the tone. We dive into the program, get to know each other, and kick the program off with some big picture dreaming and visualizing.


  • Your WHY defined
  • Your very own ideal day
  • A Calendar with clear time blocking for accomplishing program milestones
  • Your Wild Mama Workbook
  • Your Wild Mama Alignment Canvas Outline 



 “Who are you?”  

 “What do you want?”  

 “Where are you going & why?”

Vision, Values, & Whole Self is what the entire program is built from. This lesson goes deep into getting to the heart of who you are because while a lot might be going on in your life, you know more than you think you do about yourself. This lesson brings that out.


  • Frameworks for Identifying What You Know and how to reclaim your power
  • “I Have To” Statements
  • “What I Know For Sure" Statements
  • Your Top Core Values Defined
  • A framework for how to use your values as a filter for making decisions 
  • Visualizing prompts for bringing your dreams and visions to life
  • How to ensure your values aren’t passive but active and assess how much your life is or isn’t aligned to them
  • Insight into the boundaries you need to create as a result of your vision & values
  • Be able to distinguish between what’s calling from within and what’s beckoning you
  • What Your Whole Self looks like and who you are at your essence 



"Where have you been?"  

“Where are you now?”  

“What needs to stay and what needs to go?”

This is one of the most challenging lessons of all. But I give you a framework for facing your reality. You can’t get anywhere if you fail to adequately identify your starting place.  


  • My Wild Mama Alignment Wheel Framework for staying aligned to your natural rhythms and the rhythms of the universe
  • 8 P’s Framework for staying in alignment
  • Prompts for deeper reflection about where you are and the current state of yourself
  • My six step process for facing your reality, sorting your internal clutter, and making decisions to take action on what you’d like to keep and discard
  • A clear understanding of your typical day
  • Insight into how you can take personal responsibility for your life and why that’s important
  • The 6 Main Reason why people refuse to accept their reality and take responsibility 



“What's emerging within me?”  

 “What's my intuition telling me?”  

 “What clearly needs to be shifted and released so I can get into alignment?”

The first three weeks are going to bring up a lot for you. So this week has no new content and is instead a space to breath and reflect. A key to knowing who you are is learning to listen to your intuition. This week is dedicated to that.

Trust me, you'll need this week!


  • Space to listen to your intuition and notice more of what’s emerging within you 
  • Deeper reflection on your vision, values, and whole self
  • Deeper reflection on Facing Your Reality
  • Space to breath, face you, make decisions, and clear the clutter  



 “What will it take?”  

 “Assess your vision vs. reality”  

 “What needs to change?”

This is one of the best weeks. We take everything you’ve been doing so far and pull it into a canvas to create the big picture of you. What does alignment look like for you in your life? What needs to happen for you to align yourself to that picture? 


  • Understanding of 5 key Universal Principles for understanding the nature of the universe
  • A new understanding of what alignment is vs. the myth of the status quo
  • How to work with yourself and not against yourself
  • Your completed Wild Mama Alignment Canvas (Basically You at a Glance) based on everything you’ve done so far
  • Clarity on what alignment looks like and doesn’t look like for you in your life
  • An understanding of who you are, who you want to be, and why
  • Initial braindump of your goals and next steps based on the clarity you gained from the first 3 weeks 



“What are your major milestones and goals?"  

"What are your beautiful constraints & limitations?"  

"What are your priorities?"

This week is all about turning your vision and values into something real and practical. Translating where you are and where you want to be into something you can take action on vs. getting stuck in your mind or lofty ideas.


  • Step by step process for gathering insight into what your goals and milestones may be
  • A filtered list of your Big Goals based on your Wild Mama Alignment Canvas
  • A list of your key milestones needed to reach each of your goals
  • Understanding your constraints and how to make them beautiful
  • A framework for building your timeline because every goal needs a timeline
  • Process for Mapping Your Big Picture
  • Clarity on where you’ll start in order to make consistent progress towards your goals and desires 



“What daily habits & routines will help you show up everyday?”  

“What are your natural rhythms and how can you work with them?”

As you’ll see in the program, I don’t believe big changes come from one big step alone. For me, it’s a series of life changing decisions that are aligned to who you are and the structure you’ve intentionally created in your life to support what you want. This lesson is all about that. 


  • Understanding of the concepts of activities and tasks, habits, ritual & practice, routine, structure, & rhythms and how you can bring each of these things into your life for optimal support and growth
  • Prompts and space to reflect on your current daily habits and routines and what about them are aligned to your vision and which are not
  • Guided process for determining your natural rhythms and what YOU need to thrive each day
  • Understanding how to activate your Life Force using the Life Force Spiral
  • Guide to understanding keystone habits and how you can create your own
  • Defining and writing out your miracle morning
  • Defining and writing out your evening routine
  • Your very own success ritual that is aligned to YOUR vision, values, and whole self that supports you in your daily growth and development as you work to actualize your ideal lifestyle 



“What actions will you take?”  

“How to work the plan and stay consistent"

And our final week goes into the nitty gritty of how you’ll show up each day. How will you work the plan and use everything you’ve learned over the last weeks. It’s time to fly mama! 


  • Step by step guide on how to break down your vision into bite size actions
  • My process for translating your vision into daily action using my summit peak to base framework
  • Your One Year Vision Named
  • Your desired outcomes named
  • Your Year at a Glance Outline
  • Understanding for how to map your goals and milestones onto your year at a glance outline & how to ensure it’s aligned to your vision and natural rhythms
  • Your SMART goals defined
  • How to plan your month, week, & day and ensure it's aligned to YOU and where you're going! 

CHRISTINE HERMAN - Wild Mama of 3, Cohort 1  

Through the Mama Master Plan Program I have greater self-confidence and I understand the power of words -- affirmations and intentions. I also am less fearful of uncertainty, more trusting of my instincts and intuition, and understanding of the importance of showing up for myself as a form of self-care.

SALLIE SCHWARTZ - Wild Mama of 2, Cohort 1  

The lesson on values and vision- and how they look in everyday life and decisions- was really important and practical. The discussions of alignment I think are also really useful. I am particularly glad I participated in the program when I did, because I am at a turning point and I think I would have been likely to just jump in a direction rather than trying to first get into better alignment then make more thoughtful plans. Because of the program I feel less rushed to arrange all the circumstances of my life into a perfect little package. I feel more confident that I can handle whatever plans do or don’t work out by being tapped into my intuition and coming back to my vision and values. I am closer to defining success and fulfillment in my own terms, not in those that have been impressed upon me by other people. I feel I can have more authentic enjoyment of family time by improving my routines.

I was really impressed by the quality of this content and the way you organized it. There is so much in your brain and heart, and I can’t believe how well it was all laid out, and how much it resonated with I think all of us despite our very different lives. I particularly appreciate the focus on wholeness within oneself versus external achievements. I entered the program feeling down about not having my work life on point at the moment, and worrying the program might build pressure to get it all figured out, but what you offered was so much more wise and sustainable than that. The idea of alignment with myself will really stay with me. Thank you!!!! 

LEYLI VALCY-TORRES - Wild Mama of 2, Cohort 1  

Week 3 of sorting out your shit is intense. It’s taking a really hard look at self and taking the responsibility to make necessary changes and allow room for growth. This program has taught me to accept my journey for what it is but understand that any moment I can change the course if I do choose. I have never had something so structured to help me focus. This has been an experience and a wonderful one!!! There was ample information provided and great discussion and the homework is clear! The rest is up to us!!!

An Investment In Yourself

I see your investment being one of not only money but time and energy. You should be prepared to not just front money but to really commit yourself to showing up each week for yourself and the community. This program is for the mamas who truly want to dig deep to make a transformational change in their lives by identifying and aligning themselves to their vision, values, and whole self and learn how to create a master plan that reflects their desired lifestyle. You're right and ready for this program if you're willing to commit to the work, feel the fear, and do that shit any way! 

Joining the Program Gets You Access To:

✅ 8 On-Demand Trainings & Implementation Sessions With Life-Time Access To All Course Materials Workbooks, Worksheets, Templates & Guides (Includes All Future Updates) 

Week 1: Setting Your Intentions, Defining Your Why, and Creating Your Ideal Day during our Welcome & Orientation

Week 2: Identifying Your Core Values, Defining Your Vision, and Discovering Your Whole Self

Week 3: Laying Down Your Ego and Getting Real About Where You Are By Facing Your Reality

Week 4: Stepping Back, Digging Deep, and Creating Space To Let What's Emerging Emerge Through Reflection & Recalibration  

Week 5: Building Your Wild Mama Canvas and Getting Clear About What It Means & Looks Like To Get Into Alignment With Your Whole Self

Week 6: It's Time To Translate Your Vision & Values Into Something Tangible, So Let's Map Your Plan

Week 7: How To Change Your Life Everyday By Creating Your Success Ritual

Week 8: Nothing Will Work Unless You Do, So Let's Work The Plan

✅ Live Group Coaching With Me During the 8-Week Program + Recordings of Every Call + One on One 20-minute Bullet Coaching As Needed 

This is coaching that is dynamic and includes feedback and accountability, which as I'm sure you know, is seriously invaluable!

✅ Safe Space To Discover Your Vision, Values, & Whole Self to Develop Your Master Plan WITH A Beautiful Community of Mamas Like You 

Most mamas who are struggling aren't out there on the gram telling everybody there struggles. Instead they're isolated and struggling alone. So when we create a safe space for you to share and listen to other mamas as dedicated as you to figuring out such deeply personal issues & finding who they are at their core, it's crazy powerful & magical.

✅ Private Access to Our Slack Channel + Continued Access to Slack & Live Coaching Calls with Me As An Alumni After the 8-Weeks & For The Lifetime of The Program  

Boo, I ain't goin' nowhere. I know the work continues after 8-weeks and deeper understanding comes with time. So I know it's important to have a space where you can continue to ask questions, connect, and be coached.

✅ Bonus Guides & Resources For Continued Personal, Professional, & Spiritual Growth & Development  

My Intention is to deliver high value for both of us while also making this program as accessible as possible to as many mamas as possible

By Showing Up & Doing The Work, In 8-Weeks, You Will Leave The Mama Master Plan Program With:

1. Your vision defined & ideal day written so that you know what you want, where you're going, & WHY and can refer back to it daily. 

2. Your core values named and what those values tell you about your fundamental needs, and how to use your values as a filter for decision making

3. An accurate picture of where you are (your reality) and a holistic sense of self-awareness so you can keep your ego in it's place and actually make sustained progress towards where you're going without burning out

4. A clear picture of what your whole self looks like, your natural rhythms, & how to stay aligned so you can let your life force flow freely

5. A deep understanding of the "rooms" in your house and a framework for idenitifying, sorting, clearing, & making decisions on your "internal" clutter so you can eliminate distractions and rise to be your best self.

6. Your one year big goals, desired outcomes, and what it's actually going to take to get there.

7. Your success ritual & how you'll show up for yourself each day (including your morning & evening rituals).

8. Clarity on what bullshit in your life no longer aligns to your longterm goals & visions.

9. Your very own Wild Mama Alignment Canvas that paints the picture of you aligned and serves as a visual reminder of who you are, what you know, and what you can control.

10. Your very own Mama Master Plan for your ideal lifestyle so you can be intentional about your life, know what to focus on & where your priorities are, and play for consistency on the daily. (Below is an example of my own Wild Mama Alignment Canvas + Master Plan!) 


Program Investment

$2350 w/the payment Plan* // $1997 Paid in Full

*Flexible Payment Plans + Limited Partial Scholarship funds Available 

CLARISSA GONZALEZ - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 1  

This program came to me at a perfect time in my life. As a new mom, with a new business and an existing business that needs to level up, Tiff provided an amazing perspective and great set of tools to help ground myself and assess what this new world is like (having a child while getting your own shit done). It is so important for me to get info from someone I see doing it themselves, and Tiff definitely embodies everything she is sharing in her program. It felt like i was being mentored into an awareness of how, with my time being more limited now and with having a little being who needs support from me now, I will have to become more intentional and strategic with my time, energy, focus and effort.  

I truly appreciated this since this is all super new to me. It was beautiful and as someone who completely values a strong connection to nature and her cycles and teachings, I also appreciated that Tiff grounded her lessons in the teachings of Mama Earth. Since going through the program and applying the activities, I’ve developed more gratitude, patience, determination and focus. This came at the perfect time in my life to help me recreate & recenter myself. So grateful and I highly recommend it.

ADELA NIEVES MARTINEZ - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 1  

This was an incredible program. I would repeat the 7-weeks all over again. The Program held me strongly through seven weeks of discovering my own natural rhythms, old patterns, new priorities, and forward motion. I'm now headed towards my dreams with more ease and clarity. If you have an opportunity to join the program, don't miss out, you won't regret it.

GINA GONZALEZ - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 2  

The best thing I learned in this program is how to WORK WITH MYSELF!!! and NOT against myself. lol I LOVE ME  

I think week 5 was the week that resonated with me most. Learning how to get into alignment strategically and with values and goals all lined up with the purpose and the how and why all measured out already is something I really needed to learn in order to deal with change. Making getting into alignment a habit of consistency instead of waiting for consistency to shape my alignment is a better model for my current lifestyle rather than the debilitating pressure I was putting on my self.  

My ability to discern what I am feeling and what I am experiencing is now backed by my values and goals. This makes all my interactions more meaningful to me. I just feel so encouraged, empowered, exposed, understood, and challenged. Thanks to the group talks, the people whose stories reflected upon my own experiences things to learn from. Tangible tools to use for organizing my thoughts big to small and small to big. I learned how to execute the process. I think all these lessons work for any given situation that we need help managing. 

I learned that there is so much for me to learn and do and that my journey is long and bountiful and will be challenging but I can enjoy it and feel powerful and in control for the most part. I think I feel impacted by being bale to say out loud that I took Tiffany Hinton's Wild Mama Master Plan Program and was deeply changed. I can say it helped me mature my thinking and mature my outlook on my life and how I am showing up for myself.

KATLIN BROWN - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 2  

The WMMP program helped me bring some order and creativity back into my life after becoming a Mama and full-time caregiver. This program is thoughtful and thorough in its approach to helping people clarify and operationalize what they need in order to get wherever they want to be. Tiff is so genuine and this work is so practical that I think there is something in it for everyone who is ready for change. The activities and tools help you make big yet simple moves (toward the life you want) in ways that embrace your constraints. I reconnected with parts of myself, found focus, and felt a welcome levity about the future through my process in this program.  

Plus, it is inspiring to do this work in a cohort—to travel parallel inner journeys with people in different places in life. I didn’t realize how hungry I was for spaces dedicated to people with children. It is so affirming and necessary. Thank you, Tiff! 

VERONICA JACHOWSKI - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 2  

One of the first powerful moments for me was navigating my core values. The idea of leading and being guided by the deepest part of myself was transformative. A values based life was such a new concept yet so intuitive to put together. I went from 30+ values to six core values that grounded me immediately! Another powerful moment was being awaken to my own self-awareness AND the practice of radical responsibility which, for me, went hand in hand. And, finally, the feeling of connectedness with the women I shared space with was what I needed to feel confident in my vulnerabilities.  

I have less anxiety about who I am and who I should/need to be. I have become a better communicator by understanding myself better which allows me to better articulate my needs and SET BOUNDARIES. I am practicing NVC with my partner and son, which is hard AF sometimes but I have gotten through some hard moments and I feel like a fucking champ.  

NAOMI KLEIN - Wild Mama of 1, Cohort 2  

Wild Mama helped me get clear and focused on my values, goals and how to actually plan my time to be sure that I'm taking time to live those goals and values. I realized that I was very organized in my professional life, but I didn't take much time to organize, plan and make time for personal goals. Wild Mama helped me gain clarity on those goals and realize that it is possible to make time for them. I started the program feeling like I was floating and I left the program feeling more clear about my professional directions, my values, and how to live my values daily. I feel more grounded in who I am as a balanced person. It's da bomb! And I really took away a lot & the tools I’m taking are knowing how to take time to plan out 1-5 year basically make a strategic plan for your life goals and how we change our habits. I loved the rooms exercise and the canvas. When everything started coming together I felt like I had a million ah-ha moments. 

About Me

Hey There! I'm Tiff. You should have met me at the top of the page in my video introduction. If you haven't, I would strongly encourage you to WATCH IT! But if you've made it this far, I just want to say thank you! You must be really ready to take this next step in your life and I'm so excited for you. Here's a little more about me and Wild Mama.  

Wild Mama is dedicated to helping mamas like me come back to themselves & find, step into, and own their purpose and power. My intention is to create a safe space and bold community of mamas not confined by the narrowly defined standards, expectations and beliefs our society holds about what it means to be a mama.  

I'm a Wild Mama & I live my life according to my values. I do what I want & I define success for myself. I don't settle for the status quo or what anyone else tells me I should or shouldn't do because I’ve learned that while I can respect other people’s opinions, I should always prioritize self-validation & authorization over external validation. And I've intentionally worked to unlearn the belief that we as mothers should somehow quiet the wild roaring voice inside of us telling us to be the QUEENS that we are. I am here to express myself & to radiate MY light far and wide. I KNOW for a fact that my joy & happiness is BETTER for my kids, not worse. 

My path has been anything but linear and clear. Nothing was handed to me. I was raised by a single mother while my father spent most my life in and out of prison. My sister was emotionally and physically abusive to me until she was in a tragic car accident that left her bed ridden with Traumatic Brain Injury. I somehow ended up in a crazy ass church (think cult) when I was just 16 and at 20 they arranged my marriage. I had two kids only to come to the realization that this shit was fucked up and I that I had been completely brainwashed. I was in that church ‘til I was 23 before realizing I'd been spiritually raped and had to leave. Damn.  

It took me six years to graduate from college after switching majors in my fourth year to Sociology. Two months after graduating, my mother died after suffering for nine years and I was faced with my worst fear of facing her death and taking care of my sister and her daughter. By 25, I was separated and on my way to divorce. Real talk, I felt like an orphan girl. 😭  

So much has happened in my life that I can't fully explain in this little bio. But I'm sharing what I have so far because this shit hasn't been easy. But despite all of that, because I got clear on my own vision, values, and whole self and was VERY clear about what I wanted my lifestyle to look like, I managed to heal myself. And I went from being a bartender to CEO in 5 years. I paid off 35K in debt by 30 which was a goal of mine. When I was 8 months pregnant, I negotiated my first six figure salary. And I became CEO for the first time just five weeks postpartum with my baby wrapped to my chest. 

It took me YEARS to make up and catch up, which is oh so common when you grow up in poverty and are a person of color. Add the fact that for 11 of these years, I've had to navigate all this as a Mama too! That shit is NO JOKE! But what I've learned is that your vision and your values are your filter. They're your guide and matched with your intuition, help you align yourself to YOU and what YOU want and not other people's expectations or all the chaos in your life. That's what I learned.  

I've had 10 different job titles in the last 8 years. But each decision I made to change my job, be promoted, or resign was to help me better align to my ultimate vision and lifestyle goals. Bosses and people who don't know where you're going can and will judge and be pissed at you for your decisions. They were for me. But our society doesn't value being aligned to your values. Or making decisions according to your values. But I DO. That's all I have and it's NEVER steered me wrong. And I KNOW it won't steer you wrong either!  

And now? After 7 years of wanting to move, I now live in Hawai'i with my beautiful three kids, my loving partner of 8 years (yes love after divorce is possible with kids!), and I own TWO work from anywhere businesses that are MINE and align to MY vision! And I've been able to empower businesses and people just like me to better align to theirs.  

Wild Mama was born out of a deep desire to support mamas like me because we're often isolated and alone, holding the world on our shoulders and expected to just know what we're doing. And we can easily feel like victims. But we're not victims! You're not a victim! And I'm here to help you if you're a mama who hasn't been handed it all and find yourself navigating a ton of change and are tired of the repetitive cycles that block you from living into your fullest potential. 

When a mother sacrifices her dreams and quiets her voice, you know what happens? The generations born of her quiet their voices too. And you know what happens when a mother lives in fear and succumbs to society's standards of her rather than her own standards for herself? Her children live in fear and succumb to society's standards for them and the cycle continues.  

We mamas need to recognize our true power, essence, and place on this divine planet and see that we are in a position to truly change and shift the generational cycles of trauma that have plagued our communities. We need to accept our true place as THE SOURCE of all human life that exists and honor our true essence. And we need to understand that when we break the cycle’s of fear, doubt, self-hatred, and suppression of our own voices, we break that cycle for not only ourselves but all future generations that come from us. And when we break those cycles, WE BREAK THE GLOBAL POWER STRUCTURE!  

This is why I exist and it's why I created Wild Mama and The Mama Master Plan Program! Let's do this shit! 

Well, It's Been Fun!

I'm deeply grateful you're here and I can't wait for you to have a sense of hope and possibility for your life, truly know where your power resides, and begin actively making life happen according to your deepest desires so you can realize the greatness that lives within you.

So Are You Ready?

Because I am! Remember what I said in the video? That you don't have to believe in yourself to make a decision and take action... You just need to make a decision and take action. 

And the action I'm asking you to take now is to apply and schedule a call and take this step towards YOU. I seriously can't wait to speak to you!